NH Homes & Home Improvement – November 2010

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Inexpensive bathroom additions

As older adults age in place and more households make room for multiple generations, how will Americans respond to the home-improvement challenge? Two important housing trends are both emerging and merging today: Older adults increasingly want to “age in place,” while a record number of households have united across multiple generations. The second trend is in response to both the flagging economy and to support elder parents’ desire to stay at home.

How you can make your home more fire safe

dangerous. Fires in the United States cost as much as $347 billion every year. Even more distressing is the fact that as many as 3,200 civilians and 85 firefighters lose their lives to fire every year. With the right precautions, your home can be safe and secure. To start, go through this fire safety checklist…

Questions you should ask about what ‘green’ means

As consumers and marketers have jumped onto the trend, it’s no longer difficult to outfit your home with products that are classified as “green.” You now have multiple choices among products that claim to be the most environmentally friendly, which can cause some confusion about which ones are the best. “Many products are labeled green, but it’s important to know what green really means. When selecting green building materials, consider their overall impact on the environment,” says Mike McDonald, national green homebuilder. “Select products that are natural and renewable.”

Warm your home for the holidays with energy-efficient products

Fall colors, cooler weather and crackling fires mean the holidays are right around the corner. As consumers prepare themselves and their homes for colder temperatures, many will seek out energy-efficient products. By making smart decisions, you can be sensible, yet stylish, when the cold weather, family and friends arrive for the holidays. The first place to start is your windows and doors. Replacing old, drafty windows and doors with fashionable, more energy-efficient ones can help you save energy and lower your utility bills year-round.

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