Senior Lifestyles – December 2010

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Laconia Savings donates 10K to food bank

Laconia Savings Bank donated $10,000 to the New Hampshire Food Bank as part of their Feeding NH Food Drive. “We are extremely grateful to Laconia Savings Bank for their generous donation that will give us a boost during our busy holiday season” stated Melanie Gosselin, Executive Director at the New Hampshire Food Bank. “The continued support that we receive proves that Laconia Savings Bank is dedicated to helping the communities in which they serve and beyond.”

Setting the perfect table this season

Entertaining at its best happens during the holidays and families and friends create many nostalgic memories around the dinner table. At this busy time of year you may be tempted to put your table setting on autopilot by using the same plates, stemware and napkins from years before. This season, strive to update your look by dedicating your decorating time to the area where guests gather to eat. A well-appointed tabletop can elevate an everyday meal to an elegant and sophisticated soiree.

Get moving to treat and prevent arthritis

More than just aches and pains, arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that damages joints and can even lead to loss of function or disability. For many years, it was believed that people with arthritis should not exercise, because movement could cause further damage to joints. Now, physical activity is recognized as playing an integral role in the prevention and treatment of arthritis.

Support groups help patients cope

For many patients, receiving a medical diagnosis can cause a mix of emotions – from relief that their symptoms are no longer a mystery, to fear about how to cope with the disease. To manage the range of emotions and live well after a diagnosis, it is important to establish a strong support network. In fact, Dr. John Klippel, CEO of the Arthritis Foundation, believes patients who do so are

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