The Messenger – January 21, 2011

The Messenger - January 21, 2011 Issue
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Speed limit remains 50 mph on Newport Road

The New London Selectmen reviewed the data requested from the State of NH regarding the speed study on Newport Road which revealed that the average speed was 49 mph, with a range of 45-55 mph. In the DOT’s opinion, changing the speed limit in this area was unlikely to change the traffic pattern, thus the State does not recommend lowering the speed limit from 50 MPH.

Newport Superintendent gone after 6 months

Michael F. Marcinkus, Superintendent of Schools for SAU #43 in Newport resigned suddenly and last week, leaving the School Board scurrying to name an interim superintendent to lead the Newport and Croydon schools for the rest of the year. The Board immediately met in executive session Friday night to begin the process

New London bond refinancing saves money

New London Finance Officer Carol Fraley, who reported that she had gone back to the banks and three came back with bids (Ledyard did not bid). Lake Sunapee came in at 2.7% for all bonds, including the two presently at Sugar River; Sugar River stayed at 3.25% for the two they presently have and 3% for the new one and did not bid on the longest bond; and Mascoma was 3.51% for the longest one and 2.8275% but only if the town moved its primary bank account to them.

Hillsborough Pride hosts Candidates Night March 2

Hillsborough Pride will again host a Candidates Night at the American Legion Hall from 7-9 PM on March 2, 2011. Candidates for Hillsborough municipal or Hillsboro-Deering School District offices are invited to present their view in this public forum

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