The Messenger – February 11, 2011

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Marcinkus forced out by school board

While it was originally reported that the sudden resignation of Newport’s Superintendent of Schools Michael F. Marcinkus was due to health reasons, it is now apparent that he was forced to resign after a unanimous vote of the SAU #43 School Board.

Newport to replace its Town Manager

At the recent Newport selectmen’s Forum, several residents had questions about a replacement for Town Manager Dan O’Neill. Margaret Schagen thanked O’Neill for all his years of service and asked if Paul Brown would be Interim Town Manager and what the process for that hiring was.

Virginia Irwin resigns as Newport Board Chairman

Virginia Irwin, Chair of the Newport Board of Selectmen announced that because she was recently named as the interim superintendent of SAU #43, she was stepping down as Chairman of the Board effective immediately.

Hillsboro-Deering voters reject budget cuts

A group of just over 100 voters attended the Hillsboro-Deering school district ’’s annual deliberative session Monday evening. After three hours of polite and subdued discussion the warrant as proposed was passed on to voters unchanged.

Download The Messenger – February 11, 2011 (3.3MB PDF)

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