Antrim may schedule a Special Town Meeting

The Antrim Planning Board is suggesting a special town meeting in April to vote on eight amendments to zoning regulations that were removed from the March ballot because of a procedural error. The board voted at Tuesday’s meeting to hold a public hearing in March before approaching the Selectmen with the idea.

The amendments had been removed from the ballot after resident Charles A. Levesque complained that the required notifi cation for the second public hearing on the changes did not contain enough information on the content of the proposed changes, which was a violation of New Hampshire law.

Town Planner Peter Moore said that board members felt a procedural defect should not negate their hard work on the amendments.

At least one selectman wants these amendments voted on as soon as possible. Gordon Weber fears that several lawsuits pending regarding the proposed wind energy systems could cost the town thousands of dollars. Weber believes that either way the town votes on the amendments, the lawsuits will probably go away. A Public Hearing on the amendments is set for March 9th at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

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