Presidential candidate not welcome in Deering

The Contoocook Valley Republican Committee withdrew its invitation to an announced Republican presidential candidate after learning of his past anti-Semitic comments. Anthony R. Martin-Trigona who goes by Andy Martin was scheduled to speak at the Republican event Monday at Deering Town Hall. The announcement drew an immediate outcry from the Jewish community, particularly Rabbi Robin Nafshi of Temple Beth Jerusalem in Concord, who objected and planned to protest the event.

In a press release, NH Republican party Chairman Jack Kimball said “At the time that the Contoocook Valley Republicans invited Mr. Martin to address their organization, they were unaware of his past statements regarding Judaism. Mr. Martin’s virulent, anti-Semitic views do not refl ect the values of the Republican party and they are abhorrent to all decent people.” Deering Selectman J.P. Marzullo, the Contoocook Republican Chairman canceled the meeting saying, “At the time that I scheduled Mr. Martin to address our group, I was unaware of his anti-Semitic background. I regret that I did not research him further before booking him, and I am grateful to my friends in New Hampshire’s Jewish community for bringing his past statements to my attention. He does not refl ect our values as Republicans or as Granite Staters, and I have notifi ed him that we are no longer interested in having him as a guest.”

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