Senior Lifestyles – April 2011

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Download Senior Lifestyles - April 2011 (pdf)Five simple screenings to get on the path to a healthy life

One in two Americans is living with a chronic disease. Chronic diseases are persistent and recurring, and are typically either hereditary or the result of factors such as poor diet, obesity or lack of exercise. Here are five simple screenings as a first step in determining whether or not you are at risk for a variety of treatable – and preventable – chronic diseases…

Maintaining an active lifestyle throughout the years

When it comes to enjoying life, it’s all about your attitude, rather than your age. There are no rules that say you need to abandon the activities that you once enjoyed in your youth. The key is to find a creative balance that fits the realities of what you like to do, and how you currently feel…

How a bike ride can help stop diabetes

Biking is great exercise that benefits your health in multiple ways. Whether you have a regular riding group or simply bike casually on the weekends, enjoying the outdoors on a bike is time well spent, and now a bike ride can make a difference in the lives of others living with diabetes…

Download Senior Lifestyles – April 2011 (pdf)

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