The Messenger – June 10, 2011

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Download The Messenger - June 10, 2011 (pdf)Shooting of Hillsborough woman ruled justified

The NH Attorney General’s Office has ruled that the police shooting of Shelly Naroian of Hillsborough was justified. Naroian, 47, was shot and killed May 19 after police responded to a report of a family disturbance at her home…

Prophet of God arrested in Bennington

Bennington police arrested a Henniker man, who refused to identify himself, during a motor vehicle stop Saturday night. Police Chief Steve Campbell said the man, claiming to be a prophet, said he did not need to provide his name, address and vehicle registration…

Names wont hurt you but pans might

Police have arrested an Antrim woman for striking her male companion in the head with a pan during a recent argument….

Old Japanese grenade found in Antrim

A potentially live WWII hand grenade was found last Friday in an attic inside a residence on Depot Street in Antrim. Jane McLean was helping clean out her father-in-law’s house when she found the grenade, with the pins still in it…

Download The Messenger – June 10, 2011 (pdf)


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