Senior Lifestyles – June 2011

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Download Senior Lifestyles - June 2011 (pdf)Areas of focus to help secure your retirement

Americans have not saved as much as they need to for retirement. Start by considering all of the retirement savings and other savings options available to you. Some savings vehicles, like your 401(k), IRAs and Roth IRAs, probably come to mind right away…

Lower your utility costs during the hottest months

During the hottest months of the year, water is wasted due to over irrigation, and air conditioning systems are forced to run longer to keep indoor temperatures cool. While scorching temperatures can push water and energy consumption to its limits, there are ways to consume less and save more…

Good news for conscious foodies – beef is lean and ‘green’

There is no doubt the green movement has gained momentum in the last decade. While many companies may just be starting sustainable practices to meet consumer demand for more planet-friendly products, cattlemen have been raising environmentally sustainable, nutritionally efficient food for generations and continue to look for ways to improve…

Top questions for your veterinarian

If you have a pet older than 7 years of age, ask about senior care. Older pets are more prone to conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid conditions and other problems…

Download Senior Lifestyles – June 2011 (pdf)

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