Senior Lifestyles – October 2011

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Download Senior Lifestyles - October 2011 (pdf)For caregivers: Dollars and sense about Medicare

Taking on the role of caregiver for an aging, disabled or seriously ill loved one can be emotionally challenging – and financially baffling. You want to ensure your loved one receives the best medical care available…

Five reasons to address your hearing loss

If you’re having problems hearing but haven’t yet done anything to address them, you’re not alone. If you’re experiencing trouble hearing, here are five reasons to get help and visit a hearing care professional:…

Warm up to cool-weather vacationing

If you’re planning a cool-weather vacation, but aren’t necessarily interested in snow sports, you can find a destination that will still allow you to enjoy the great outdoors. Keep three key considerations in mind as you search for your destination: climate, convenience and attractions…

How smart shopping can help transform your lifestyle

Eating right and exercising is something we all know we should do, but the follow-through can be harder than we think. You don’t need to take part in an expensive or radical health program to improve your life. Thinking long term and making small changes like shopping smarter and taking a closer look at what we eat can help improve our lives…



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