Senior Lifestyles – July 2012

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Download Senior Lifestyles - July 2012 (pdf)Ten secrets for grilling perfection

Oil the food, not the grates. If you wipe oil on your grates, you are essentially gluing your food to them. The oil burns quickly on the hot cooking grates and becomes sticky, “gluing” uncoated food to the grates. When you oil the food, it keeps the juices inside the food, promotes caramelization and prevents sticking….

Learning to connect in today’s society keeps relationships strong

Whether it’s at work, at home or among friends, building and maintaining relationships is one of the most important parts of life. As people get older, however, the ways in which connections are made and kept change due to life adjustments, new technology and health. To keep your life connecteds and fun filled annual parade for 88 years. We are proud to present…

Pointers for protecting feet from skin cancer

Walking on the beach, frolicking in the surf, participating in sports, strolling through a theme park while on vacation – your feet will carry you through a lot of fun this summer. But can paying attention to them help you avoid the most common form of cancer in…

How to make sure your pet has a good time on vacation too

When it comes time to take a vacation, don’t forget to invite your family pet along for the ride. There are also a few things you can do to make sure your pet enjoys your vacation as much as the family. It’s important to…

Explore the Civil War’s 150th anniversary with a unique vacation

It’s no surprise that filmmaker Ken Burns has chosen Washington, D.C. as the location for a very special travel experience coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Working with the award-winning travel company…

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