The Messenger – August 10, 2012

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Group sues Antrim Selectmen over PILOT agreement

Five Antrim residents have sued the selectmen claiming they conducted illegal meetings with Antrim Wind Energy and asking the court to invalidate the PILOT tax agreement signed with the company. Mary Allen, Gordon Allen, Charles Levesque, and Janice Longwood were mooing a group of seven who filed a request for…

Hillsborough woman stages breast-feeding protest

A young Hillsborough woman organized a “nurse-in” across the street from Tooky Mills Pub in protest of a restaurant employee asking her to please “cover-up” while she was…

Hopkinton receiving insurance proceeds for highway garage

Highway Superintendent John Thayer recently met with the Hopkinton Selectmen. Chairman O’Brien thanked Thayer and the highway crew for their quick response to the storm and said they did a great job. Thayer reports the…

Weare man arrested for DWI twice in two days

On August 2nd, the Weare Police received three 911 calls from different motorists complaining of a vehicle operating erratically on Concord Stage Road heading into Weare. It was further reported the operator was at times traveling into oncoming traffic…

Special forum held on Kenya & Uganda

Marian Baker, Recordered minister of the Henniker Friends Meeting, has just returned from Kenya and Uganda where she spent five months living and working among the people there. She became especially acquainted with women and in so doing learned of the many challenges facing widows…


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