The Messenger – August 31, 2012

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Download The Messenger - August 31, 2012 (pdf)Candlelight vigil honors the memory of John Wallace

Word travels fast in small towns. Less than 24 hours after his death, a crowd of over 200 gathered at Hillsborough’s Butler Park for an impromptu candlelight vigil to both mourn the death and celebrate the life of Karate Master John Wallace, 50, of Deering. Wallace, the owner of Villarai’s Studio in Hillsborough was killed when he…

New Boston coach carried a handgun

Recreation Commissioner Lee Brown informed the New Boston Selectmen that one of the baseball coaches was carrying a firearm while on the field coaching the children. Brown spoke with the individual and requested he lock the firearm in his car, but that spurred a…

Two motorcyclists killed as tragedy strikes “Rollins’ Ride”

Skip Rollins of Newport, the father of the soldier whose memory was honored Saturday by an annual benefit motorcycle ride, will now also help the families of the two killed and five injured when an elderly man drove into a line of riders. More than 200 motorcyclists were traveling…

New staff at Hillsboro-Deering and Washington Schools

SAU 34 Schools will have some new faces this year. There will be eleven new teachers in the districts. At Hillsboro-Deering Elementary School we are welcoming….

Man charged with sexually assaulting boys

Robert Joubert, the youth baseball coach, recently charged with sexually assaulting two boys in Concord and Pembroke, has been indicted on two additional…

Goffstown dentist has license suspended for 60 days

The NH Board of Dental Examiners has suspended the license of Goffstown dentist Gregory A. Tracy on a 60-day emergency basis, based on allegations that he wrote numerous prescriptions for himself and at one point appeared impaired when he crashed…


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