Senior Lifestyles – Sept. 2012

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Download Senior Lifestyles - Sept. 2012 (pdf)Creating a bathroom that maximizes safety and style

Aging in place, in the comfort of your home, is a priority for countless people. That often means making adjustments to your home, but some alterations can contribute to making your space feel more institutional and less “you.” A balance between style and safety is the key – and finding it is easier than you might think. One of the most hazardous rooms…

Open your house parties up to the beautiful outdoors

Having guests over to your house doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep everyone contained inside. Open the doors of your home to your backyard to provide a relaxed ambiance for your guests. And with good lighting and comfortable seating, they’ll enjoy…

Tips and ideas for a hot autumn vacation

Whether a group of singles looking for some fun time together, a couple seeking a long weekend break from the daily grind, or grandparents who want to spend quality time with their pre-school-aged grandchildren, travelers can find great opportunities – and deals – when they visit traditional summer destinations during the fall…

Autumn entertaining made easy with fabulous fall decor ideas

The golden days of autumn are upon us, signaling a new direction in home decor and entertaining. What are your plans for updating your house? These easy tips will bring the feeling of fall into your home without a lot of money or extra effort…


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