NH Bride & Groom – Jan. 2015

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Download NH Bride & Groom - Jan. 2015 (pdf)Beauty basics; a guide for looking your best

As many busy women know, a daily beauty regimen requires effort and time, but it also has a significant payoff. Keeping your outward appearance healthy and youthful inspires confidence — a glow everyone around you can see. With convenience and ease in mind, here are a few tips that…

Questions to ask before hiring your wedding photographer

How do you find the right photographer? As you begin the interview process, here are 10 questions to help you determine if you’ve found the best photographer for your wedding…

Wedding checklist

12 months or more before the wedding. Announce your intention to marry to BOTH sets of parents. Arrange to have them meet if they haven’t already. Determine type (formal, semi-formal, informal), style and theme of the wedding. Sit down with your fiance and ALL parents and discuss the wedding budget, and who will pay for what…

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