Senior Lifestyles – March 2011

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Download Senior Lifestyles - March 2011 (pdf)How to choose the best financial advisor for you

You know the importance of saving for retirement, but do you have the time and know-how to accomplish your financial goals? In an increasingly busy world, it’s possible that keeping close tabs on your investment accounts isn’t exactly realistic.

Taking a vacation? Secure your home first

Four to five minutes—that could be the difference between whether or not your return home from vacation is ruined by a burglar. According to experts, that’s the maximum time most thieves will spend trying to break into a house before giving up in search of easier prey.

Future-proof your home with universal design

If you’re a homeowner, you probably consider your home to be a long-term investment. But have you thought about future-proofing your house to maximize its value? Is your house large and accessible enough to raise a family? Is it possible that your in-laws may move in one day? Are you planning to stay in your home after you retire?

Download Senior Lifestyles – March 2011 (pdf)

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