Senior Lifestyles – June 2012

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Download Senior Lifestyles - June 2012 (pdf)Insider secrets to an affordable road trip

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, most people will take at least one road trip this year, and when they do, they’ll be looking for value. To help get the most out of your next trip, here are five insider secrets from…

Tips for traveling with extended family

Family travel is a growing trend not likely to slow any time soon, with more and more people considering the benefits of traveling with extended family. Follow these tips to plan a great multigenerational vacation….

Digital cameras: creating masterpieces with each click

With warm weather luring us outside for fun outdoor activities, using a digital camera ensures timeless memories with family and friends are captured in a snap. Even with increased…

Why hula when you can bula in Fiji?

When Americans think about tropical paradise, their minds turn to Hawaii. But those in search of sun and island escapes — not crowds and high-end department stores — might want to think about visiting other areas of the South Pacific. For a more affordable…

Retirement planning crucial for small business owners

Planning for retirement is crucial for everyone, and it is especially critical for small business owners. Indeed, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small business owners employ half of all private…

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