Senior Lifestyles – October 2012

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In This Issue

Download Senior Lifestyles - October 2012 (pdf)Beautiful rooms are meant to be lived in

Fall is the time of year when thoughts turn back toward the home. With kids back in school and the holidays approaching, many homeowners look for ways to make their rooms more stylish, but struggle to find the balance between beautiful and livable. Redecorating a space with a few key elements can completely transform…

Allowing travel to lesser known intimate destinations

River cruises allow travelers to see the most notable sights in their chosen destination, but they also offer the opportunity to experience daily life in places where tourism is secondary to authentic culture….

Making the most of your money when it comes to estate planning

Estate planning is an important component of your overall financial plan, regardless of your age, income or size of your estate. If you own property and have heirs, you need to think about estate planning. To do the job well, you’ll need the help of a…

Tips for seniors on managing health care costs

Finding the Medicare coverage that best fits their needs and their pocketbooks is challenging for many seniors. Health care plans make changes to their coverage. People’s health conditions change. Not keeping on top of these changes can mean problems. Suddenly seniors may find…

Five ways to become a tourist at your home

For most people, vacation time and money are finite resources. So what can you do if you’re interested in exploring and trying new things before your next vacation? Become a tourist in your own hometown. If you’re looking for something new to do in…

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